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“No one is going to understand more than someone who has been through it”

-Pj Harlow

Why i became an environmental health coach

It was really early on that I realized there was an intense need for awareness, education and support when it came to the topic of our environment & its relation to chronic illness. From the very beginning when we found out mold was the root cause in the downfall of mine and my families ill health, there was a huge lack of professional help. In the mainstream medical field, no one understood the truth about mold toxicity, what it does to your body, common symptoms, or what we needed to do to heal.

It quickly became evident that the only way we would get any better was to deeply research and learn everything ourselves. The lack of knowledgeable practitioners meant we had to travel hundreds of miles, and we were stuck financially since the market of environmental illness was cornered. This gap in the health space eventually led me to create this website, to return to school, and to eventually start recording the podcast.

In the blog you can read about our experience and how directionless we felt. We both had many questions and were so confused by the massive amounts of misinformation.

- What do we do with our belongings?

- How long will it take to heal?

- How do we get tested?

- What is a “functional health” practitioner?

Everyone seemed to have an opinion, an answer, an eye roll. While they may come from a good place, even protective, it really didn’t matter in the end because it wasn’t happening to them. The decisions we made were solely based on intuition, perspective, and listening to our body’s messages.

To this day much of what’s available and considered ‘trustworthy’ in the field of environmental illnesses remains contradictory, biased and often wrong. With accusations of quackery flying around, Functional & Holistic Health is intentionally being kept down and hidden like a modern day book burning. Advocacy is growing, but this type of specific & experienced information and help is not readily available.

environmental toxins are everywhere -

but finding a Health Professional trained in how to treat environmental toxins is not so simple.

While the need for environmental health & detoxification solutions is exploding, most health professionals still don’t have adequate education or information to confidently counsel their clients.

The average medical school curriculum only offers 7 hours of training on this extensive subject – if it’s offered at all.

Nutritionists, Health Coaches, Nurses, Mid-Wives, Doulas, Fitness Professionals, & other wellness practitioners usually don’t receive any training in this area.

- Lara Adler, Environmental Toxins Educator

Our awakening led me to uncover truths from the history of medicine to gene mutations and epigenetics. The fascinating world of the immune system to the complex pathogens and toxins that affect it. Even broader when it bridges into politics, big industry and greed. So much of what we have been taught is wrong, which took so long for me to take apart, decipher & then realign to be comprehensible.

“I believe whole heartily there is no other comparison of strength, fortitude & constitution then of a mother/wife protecting her family. It was in those times that my desire to be a steward of authenticity for others was elemental but instinctive, and my perseverance to manifest healing would vibrate my core, eventually becoming a reality I could not turn away from.”

-Pj Harlow


So, what Does a health coach do?

We are here to witness you, to listen, offering mental & emotional support so you can feel less alone & better focus on being well.

We give you the needed resources, knowledge, experience & hard lessons we’ve learned in this process, so you don’t have to.

We empower you, by helping you see the big picture & the truth, therefore removing the stress of being confused & misinformed.

We help you to identify toxicity, building your wellness team to discover roots & causes.

We offer relativity & insight with regards to transitioning yourself, your family & children through trauma & change.

We provide the focus, energy & dedication when you feel like you have lost yours.

We help direct you into creating solutions for the problems & concerns you face, while assisting you with new concepts, methods & an action plan to reach your goals & create your wellness team.

who can i help?

People who feel like no one can help them.

People who know that their own health challenges or their child’s health challenges can be reversed.

People looking to be empowered in their health journey.

People ready to take the health of their families into their own hands.

People looking for root causes, answers, and support.

People in need of a knowledgeable partner, sounding board, and guide in their family’s health recovery.

People who want to work with someone who “gets it” has “been there” and “done that.”

People who want to work with a professional who knows a lot of stuff but is forever learning more.

People ready to re-learn what they have been taught about health so they take off into a future of good health.

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.
— Kahlil Gibran

Please note: Pj Harlow Wellness is not intended to diagnosis, treat, cure or prevent any disease, but is intended to guide our clients and families toward health autonomy & optimal wellness by empowering them to make the best health decisions for themselves. The information provided by this website and/or Pj Harlow is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with your physician, and should not be construed as individual medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Pj Harlow

Coaching session focuses

*Please note sessions listed below are some examples of common applications we use and are not solely specific or limited to those listed.


Evaluation of Lifestyle & General Wellness

History & Intake Assessment of Toxin Exposures

Detox Strategies

Releasing the Burden of Toxic Relationships

Solution Oriented Plans

Ongoing Support


Toxic Mold

Lifestyle History & Exposure Analysis

Recommendations and/or Interpretation of Home Mold Tests

Home Remediation Guidance & Cleaning techniques (we do not perform actual remediation)

What can you keep? Personal Property Consultation


Prevention, Mitigation & Ongoing Support


living low-tox

Analysis of Personal & Household Toxicity

Individual Product Evaluation

Exposure Report & Mitigation’s

Systemic coaching for mental uncluttering

Professional Organization of Products & Home

Recommendations of Supplements

Ongoing Support, Resources & Education

Phase II Beginner Detox Package*

*(If needed)



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