The beginners guide to Functional Health Coaching with guest: Carla Atherton

Episode 2


welcome Carla atherton

PJ interviews her mentor & producer of the Children’s Health Summit, Carla Atherton. Carla is the Director of the Lotus Health Project & Healthy Family Formula, Functional Health & Nutrition Practitioner & Coach, Writer & Editor, Curriculum Director for The Healthy Family Formula Certified Practitioner & Health Coaching Program, Publisher, Workshop Leader, Yoga Instructor, Health (R)evolutionary, & Children’s Advocate.

on this episode:

PJ & Carla break down the medicalization of health as we know it while illuminating the rise in chronic illness, childhood epidemics and the simple fact that many people aren't finding answers & healing where they once did. As PJ & Carla talk about their own families experiences with chronic illnesses & how they came into Functional Health, they discuss the common patterns of denial, low expectations and feeling abandoned by the system. They go deeply into some of the barriers & obstacles families, parents, caregivers & individuals are currently facing.

PJ & Carla energetically describe Carla’s rising occupation of functional health coaching, the concepts & foundations that it’s based on, what exactly coaches do, how functional coaches differ from other health coaches, and why you may consider this as an option in your healing vs. traditional medicine. Additionally they identify the qualifications of what it takes to dial into this growing niche profession, which Carla also teaches as the Curriculum Director of Healthy Family Formula’s Certified Practitioners Program.

PJ & Carla have an amazing connection & vibe; it's an episode that keeps you invested the entire time, especially if you find yourself tired, sore, and struggling with unidentifiable or chronic health issues. With some sobering topics on the table, it’s a loose & sometimes humorous conversation packed with eloquent wisdom & realistic truths. As usual, PJ doesn’t hold back with her raw perception & relative boomeranging points, as her own personal experience tie into this podcast.

Carla discloses some of her techniques & concepts for her students and clients as well, mixed with both her personal & professional philosophies. Carla has interviewed over 200 expert health professionals with her annual Children’s Health Summit and doesn’t fail to bring the goods in this interview. We are excited to get her new book, Family Health Revolution which is on Pre-sale now & drops this summer. Both a novel & a reference book for families looking for answers, you are bound to find value in both her book and this episode.

Included in the Episode:

  • How Carla became a Functional Practitioner & her personal story.

  • Is Chronic Illness on the rise?

  • Current Statistics of Childhood & Adult Illnesses.

  • What does Health mean to you?

  • The normalization of feeling unwell.

  • What is Functional Health?

  • What is a Functional Health Coach?

  • The concepts of what Carla does for her clients & what she teaches her students.

  • Feeling abandoned by the medical system, friends & family when your chronically sick.

  • What are your expectations of your health care provider?

  • Health Concepts & The new Health Revolution.

  • Obstacles in healing & solutions for getting well.



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Carla Atherton

Carla is the Director of the Lotus Health Project and the Healthy Family Formula, Host of the Children’s Health Summit, Health and Nutrition Coach, Writer and Editor, Curriculum Developer, Publisher, Workshop Leader, Yoga Instructor, Health (R)evolutionary, and Children’s Health Advocate.

Carla is a trained health coach through her work with Epidemic Answers Health Coach Training Course and Cynthia Pasquella of the Institute for Transformational Nutrition and has deepened her clinical knowledge of health, wellness, and functional medicine through her training with Functional Medicine University and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, as well as her intensive yoga teacher training. She also holds an MA in English Literature with a heavy background in Women’s and Gender Studies, Psychology, and Academic, Business, and Creative Writing.

To Carla, health and wellness involves all aspects of the self, including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. She encourages creativity and self-empowerment for anyone at any age or social status and is absolutely passionate about working with children, youth, and adults so they can find their own power to make their lives full of hope, happiness, and meaning.

Carla specializes in family health with a focus on functional, holistic, natural health and wellness, with specific interest in functional neurology, nutrition, digestive health, the science of mind/body practices, stress reduction, mental health, addictions, epigenetics, childhood chronic illness, geriatrics, autoimmunity, bionergetics, detoxification, and immunology using the principles of lifestyle medicine.

Carla is a passionate advocate for client/patient care and education and believes strongly in the autonomy and empowerment of the individual, regardless of gender, age, race, or social status. Healthy Family Formula seeks to empower families to build health through incorporating and executing lifestyle changes, nutritional therapies and protocols, and healthful habits in ways that are supportive, integrative, and paced so that the changes become permanent and lasting rather than quick and temporary.

Carla is also a prolific writer and editor working on several books including:

“Family Health Revolution”

to be released in summer 2019

Use Lifestyle Medicine to Overcome Disease, Illness, and Discomfort, De-medicalize Family Health, Slow Down Fast-Paced Modern Family Life, Reduce Stress, and Return Your Family to the Ease of Good Health, Naturally

Her book as well as The Healthy Family Formula approach is based on a combination of functional/holistic nutrition and clinical functional/holistic medicine. We understand the body has a natural, innate ability to heal and maintain health if given the right tools.