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Why are our kids so Tox-sick? with guest: Beth Lambert

Why aren’t we aware of how sick our young generation is? PJ & Beth discuss the silent epidemic of our children’s health, which statistically presents as the biggest crisis of our modern times. Listen as Beth reveals staggering numbers about our nations kids. She shares no matter what different diagnostic category you look at, whether it’s asthma, ADHD, Autism, eczema or allergies, they are all on the same trajectory, which is up!


Why isn’t this being shared more? Why is this so under-reported and un-recognized? Why is this happening? Why now? Why aren’t we doing something about it?

We wondered the same thing and it was a huge reason we wanted Beth on the show!

In perfect Pj style, no topic is off limits as she presents well constructed points to Beth who brilliantly offers us a glimpse into her expertise. There is much to be learned from this episode. If you are a parent, if you want to be one, a grandparent, caregiver, human….this show is a must listen.

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