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Resources and websites:

  • ISEAI: A community of professionals collaborating to prevent and treat environmentally acquired illness (EAI) as a foundation of medical care.

  • Surviving Mold: The official website of Dr. Richie Shoemaker, the founder of CIRS, with resources, symptoms, testing & other applicable knowledge regarding all things CIRS.

  • Paradigm Change: This is Lisa Petrison’s brilliant website that provides basic information especially suitable to those new to the topics of mold-related illness and mold avoidance.

  • Better Health Guy: This site, maintained by EAI expert and patient Scott Forsgren, offers high-quality information about biotoxin illness, including blog posts and interviews with experts.

  • Epidemic Answers: Parent-oriented educational resources and networking tools that empower individuals to confidently embrace the healing journey for themselves and their families.

  • Healthy Family Formula: Founded by family health expert, Carla Atherton, the HFF is a revolution in family health that offers support, education, & empowerment to families who find themselves in a health dilemma & are looking for answers, hope, & a solid plan for healing.

  • Mold Avoiders: Mold Avoiders provides information to those who are working to recover from ME/CFS or other chronic illness issues by using the mold avoidance approach developed by Erik Johnson.

  • Dave Asprey: The founder of Bulletproof, biohacker Dave Asprey is not only a mold sufferer himself but was one of the first people we found in the public eye to advocate for mold toxicity.

  • Moms Aware: momsAWARE's mission is to provide practical assistance to families and individuals displaced by toxic mold, and to raise public awareness of the negative impact of toxic mold, chemicals, pesticides, and other environmental hazards on human health.

  • Dr. Jill Carnahan: Dr. Jill is a functional medicine doctor in Boulder, Co. who has been a leader in the movement to recognize mold toxicity. Her website is another resource of information to push you forward.

  • Weston A Price: This website is a must for nutrition and the lifestyle we follow. If you have not heard of Weston Price, I am honored to introduce you.

  • Matt Blackburn: Matt is not only a personal friend and mentor but a leader in truth when it comes to the optimization of health. He can be found here and he additionally has a podcast & youtube called Divine Super Conductor.

  • Greg Weatherman: Surviving remediation-This website is dedicated to helping everyone involved in the process understand the nature of water, mold, buildings and remediation and move beyond the limitations of "remediation as usual".

  • Cheryl Ciecko: As a licensed architect with over 30 years experience, including personal mold and toxin-exposure experience, Cheryl educates and guides clients through decision-making, hiring, and troubleshooting construction and building-related water damage challenges to avoid over-spending and health altering mistakes.

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