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Tick bites, Lyme & the Disease divided.

Ever wonder why there is such a divided opinion about Lyme Disease? Is it really that serious? How do you get tested? What is a western blot and how do you read it? What are they symptoms? Are ticks everywhere? Is Lyme congenital? Why is there such a divided opinion? How is Lyme connected to Toxic mold, Autoimmune disease, EMF’s, Parasites, MTHFR, Gut Dysbiosis, Autism, PANS and Heavy Metal or Aluminum Toxicity?

PJ Harlow breaks down all of these issues in an easy to digest article that’s loaded with facts, tips and resources. She answers all the questions you might have about Lyme Disease, illuminated with pieces of her personal story, and her truth discovered in her research. Join us as she unpacks the great divide between our society regarding this mystery illness that is taking over the world.

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Bee Propolis: What is it and why I can’t put it down.

After hitting a wall with antibiotics for Lyme and Mold toxicity treatment, PJ decided to dive into the world of bees and their magical alchemy. In this article we talk about what propolis is, some of it’s newer studied benefits like EMF protection and being a specific anti-inflammatory for our illnesses.

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