about us

PJ Harlow Wellness is our “Rise of the Phoenix” movement, as well as a collection of content, all meant to illustrate & illuminate the relationship between our environment and chronic illness. Our foundation was created by an inspiration to provide relativity, inner-standing, resources and education for folks who are at the beginning of navigating the complex and stressful world of Environmental Toxicity.

getting here

It was through our own devastatingly painful journey where myself, my 2 children & husband all became severely ill, overloaded with toxins after an exposure to black mold in our home, that everything changed. Not only did we lose our health, but we lost our home & everything we owned in the process, everything was contaminated. Needless to say, we fully embraced minimalism.

It was during this time that we experienced profound disbelief and stigmatic treatment from family, friends, loved ones & the mainstream medical community- as we fought to survive.

I found myself alone, sick, exhausted and confused. We felt directionless, with no one to turn to but each other; my husband Peter, I am eternally grateful for. Without him, I would not have survived.

After realizing allopathic medicine had nothing to offer us, I began digging deeper, researching our environment, epigenetics, ancestral nutrition, detoxification, methylation, and a variety of fields in the functional health sector that have led me into new concepts & inspiring findings. While practicing my acquired knowledge in my own life and healing, it has been with an open mind that I continue to seek answers and root causation to our ever changing environment.

Getting free

Ironically, out of the most harrowing time of our life, grew my passion and desire to help others find relativity, healing, resources and compassion. We realized very early on there was a huge need for activism, understanding, and connection. Where there was no place for us, I created space.

Blogging to release my personal vulnerability, truths, and story was received with an inspiring response. Additionally, my history, work & studies have given me the baseline to extend my empathy, knowledge & unwavering support.

our mission

With a commitment to evaluate the impact, improve understanding, & reach more who suffer in isolation, PJHW was produced to push the envelope of discussion regarding our toxic environment and provide a guided path to optimal wellness.

We are dedicated to connecting people & families with:

  • The support needed to repair, replace and re-balance vitality and resiliency in ourselves, our homes & lives.

  • The empowerment & knowledge to help ourselves and each other.

  • The external resources that will together, build a team to provide a full healing circle.

  • The educated science behind our growing toxic environment and the tools to implement preventative measures and mitigate our lifestyles.

what we do

Simply put, we are a starting point for individuals & families to learn new concepts with regards to environmental toxicity; we empower our clients and readers with the knowledge to figure out why & how toxins play a part in their life, the tools to understand what they can do to change, and the confidence and empowerment to bring balance & wellness back into their lives.

you are not alone

I wish I could say stories like ours are rare. Unfortunately there are hundreds of thousands of people, families, & children suffering, misdiagnosed, uninformed, and unaware of the rapidly growing and dangerous epidemic of our toxic environment.

It was traumatic for us to encounter & experience this by ourselves, and due to that, it is our goal to ensure that no one has to endure what we did. We hope that somehow this information, working with us, or our story, which you can read about below, can help you.


pj harlow, eC

PJ serves as the Founder of PJHW after transitioning a 20 year career as a Executive & Customer Success Manager for one of the largest, Fortune 500, Finance & Insurance company’s in the U.S.

Ms. Harlow has worked intensively with young women who have struggled with trauma, eating disorders, substance abuse & body dysmorphia. Centered on coping mechanisms & self love she was effective providing support & resources to assist these women in both crisis & daily life situations.

Ms. Harlow has multiple certifications & has completed professional coursework in Functional Medicine and Clinical Diagnosis & Treatment of Lyme Disease w/other tick borne Illnesses. She has studied extensively with regard to EAI- Environmentally Acquired Illnesses, CIRS, Mold & Heavy Metal Toxicity, Intracellular & Extracellular Detoxification, Bioregulatory Medicine, Bioindividuality, Epigenetics, Herbalism, Holistic Health & much more.

PJ is the resident Environmental Toxin Coach for PJHW as well as the primary author of the blog. She is working continuously to further advance her professional education & certifications. She is currently working on her first book with will be released in 2021.

PJ herself is a EAI warrior, wife & mother to 4 children, 3 of which have struggled w/ Lyme & co-infections, CIRS, Mold Toxicity, Asthma, Allergies, Celiac, MCAS, PANS, Dysautonomia, GAD, & other sensory disorders.